"Zebra" patterned completed arrow with your choice of arrowhead

Completed arrow with Zebra patterned feathers

Chose from a hand crafted stone arrowhead or a pre-made bone arrowhead.


Completed bone  arrow comes fully assembled ready to decorate right of the box. Consists of turkey feathers and arrow head secured to real wood shaft with sinew. The shafts are 28" long, the full length of the completed arrow (with arrowhead attached) ranges between 28" and 29" depending on the size of the arrow head.

The feathers on this arrow started out as white and have had the "zebra" pattern applied to them. They look great!

Arroheads will vary a little bit, but one of the picutures gives you an idea on the arrowhead differences (2 stone examples with a bone arrowhead in the middle).


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