A few new products and some sale/closeout items

Sunday, February 3, 2019

I have been searching for a different arrow feather to replace the premium barred turkey feathers I use. These feathers are sometimes hard to get, so I wanted to have an alternative. I have experminted with all white, all black, and zebra feathers. These are good looking feathers and the ones I produced look good. However, I didn't think they would replace the feathers I had been using since starting this effort. Recently, I found a feather I am calling marbled. While still different than the barred feathers, I think this is a look that can be substituted for the barred feathers.

Going forward, we will plan to carry these 2 as long as we can get the feathers. It is possible that the price of the premium barred turkey feathers will need to increase, but for now, they are staying the same price. Our current feather is on the top and the new marbled one is on the bottom.


In addition to this new feather, we still have inventory of the white, black and "zebra" feathers. We are offering these on closeout until they are gone and you get to choose whichever arrowhead (stone or bone) that you would like for the same price. I have added a picture of some sample arroheads. The bone one is in the middle of the 2 stone ones. There may be differences in shape, color, and length of the arrowheads.



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